Deferred Completion of a ResPoint Transaction


Deferred completion allows SalesPoint to financially process a ResPoint (advance) sale transaction - take payment, complete the sale, write out all transaction records so that the sale is viewable in Treasury Auditing (including deferred revenue and accounts receivable details) - but defer delivery so that the issuing / printing of tickets, passes, rental contracts, waivers and the sales receipt is skipped.
It is important to note that the sale lines in the transaction are fully processed, each has a SalesPoint reference, but they are flagged as not delivered, so that they can be issued / printed at a later date.
At some point in the future, an operator can in SalesPoint (via the Lookup menu) or the ResPoint (in the Edit Transaction form) complete the delivery (issuing / printing) of the transaction.

Implementation Details

This functionality is controlled via the U7 Manager setting: SalesPoint | Program Features | Recall Sale | Sale Completion Process.
Four options are available:

  • A = Always issue / print tickets, passes, waivers, rental contracts and the sales receipt [default].
  • N = Do not issue / print anything.
  • S = Print the sales receipt, but do not issue / print passes, tickets, waivers or rental contracts.
  • P = Ask (prompt) the operator how they want to process the sale: print all, print receipt only, or skip printing.

Note: This setting can operate at the terminal / operator level.
The following schema is required by this functionality:

  • Field: not_delivered (boolean_yn) in as_line table.
  • Table: int$asl_delivery_lock.

Some Important Details

The following features of deferred delivery should be noted:

  • While the capture and printing of a guest pass (and the creation of the pass record) is skipped, a guest card record (and its associated guest card product records) are still created, along with any required deferred revenue records.
  • While the printing of a rental contract is skipped, the rental contract itself (and all associated renter records) are still created. In addition, the operator is still prompted to enter a security token for the rental contract (if so configured). If a security token is not entered at this time (i.e. a supervisor override is applied), the operator is prompted to enter a security token at delivery.
  • A sale line that is loaded for delivery cannot be modified. Its quantity cannot be changed and a modifier cannot be applied to it.
  • When sale lines are loaded for delivery, a 'deferred delivery' payment line is automatically added. Its value matches the total value of all 'to be delivered' sale lines. This is done to ensure that the sale transaction is 'balanced', and requires no additional payment (for finalisation).
  • A 'to be delivered' sale line can be deleted. This only removes the line from the current sale (reducing the 'deferred delivery' payment amount). The line remains unchanged in the ResPoint transaction and can be delivered at a later date.
  • The operator can choose, if they wish, to deliver selected lines from a transaction, leaving the other lines for delivery at a later date.
  • When sales lines are delivered, no actual financial values are written. The delivered sale lines are written with zero values (amount and quantity). In addition, no payment lines are written unless an additional payment is required because additional sale items were added to the transaction.
  • To ensure that a line is not delivered on two terminals (within a database location) at the same time, a 'lock line for delivery' system now applies.

Deferring Delivery

To defer delivery of a recalled ResPoint advance sale transaction:

  1. Load the advance sale transaction into SalesPoint via the Lookup menu or from the Edit Transaction form in ResPoint.
  2. Go to the Payment screen.
  3. Press the Print button to finalise the sale. The delivery operation of that terminal is then automatically applied:
  4. If the terminal is configured to always issue and print (the default behaviour), then normal delivery occurs.
  5. If the terminal is configured to never issue or print, then all such activities are skipped. Note: The terminal may be configured to only print the sales receipt.
  6. If the terminal is configured to prompt the user, then a question dialog is shown, and the operator must selected the required operation.

Note: This feature only applies to ResPoint advance sale transactions. It does not apply to a normal sales transaction (i.e. a sale commenced in SalesPoint).
Note: It is envisaged that the delivery configuration of a terminal will be depended on its location. A terminal in a call centre may be configured to never print, while an on-site sales terminal will always print.

Completing Delivery from SalesPoint

To complete delivery from SalesPoint:

  1. On the Sales screen, select the Lookup menu button.
  2. When the Find Transaction form is shown, enter the required search text and press Enter.
  3. The Select Transaction form displays the transaction details for that sale.

    Note: Lines awaiting delivery have sale reference (because they have been processed), but they are also flagged as: [Not Yet Issued]. They are also available for selection; normally a sale line with a sales reference cannot be selected.
    Note: By default all lines awaiting delivery display initially as selected. You can unselected if you wish.
    Note: The guest associated with each line is also now shown on screen, which will assist the operator if they need to only delivery certain lines from the sale.
  4. Ensure that only the required lines are selected and press the OK button. The transaction is then loaded into the Sales screen.

    Note: All sale lines awaiting delivery display with a print / issue icon.
  5. Press the Pay button to go the Payment screen.

    Note: A 'Deferred Delivery' payment line has automatically been added to the payment list (matching the value of the 'to be delivered' sale lines). This balances the sale, and allows the operator to finalise the sale without any additional actions.
  6. Press the Print button and the sale is finalised. As long as the terminal is configured for delivery - all relevant tickets, passes, waivers, and rental contracts are issued / printed, along with the sale receipt.

Completing Delivery from ResPoint

To complete delivery from ResPoint:

  1. From the Event Manifest, Trans View, Guests Record or Folders tab, edit the transaction so it is displayed in the Edit Transaction form.
  2. To deliver all sale lines, press the Sell or Pay button, and select all Unissued Items menu item. To deliver selected lines, highlight the required lines, press the Sell or Pay button, and select the Selected Items menu item.
  3. The transaction is then loaded into SalesPoint.
  4. Press the Pay button to go the Payment screen.
  5. Press the Print button, the sale is finalised. All relevant tickets, passes, waivers, and rental contracts are issued / printed, along with the sale receipt.