** Ensure you have defined your items in U7 Resources for use in U7 Salespoint before you add these items into inventory

1. Add in your header category

Click on the edit, buttons and select ' Add base Category' 

2.Add in your sub headers

Right click on the base category you have created and select 'Add' 

3.Add you retail items into the items category

Click on the category you want to add the items | Click on the add item button to the right of the items screen


4.Configure your inventory item




Description: Name of your item

Base unit: Unit of measure you sell it in (i.e cans)

Scancode: The items bar code. You can manually tyoe it in or scan directly into the field

Charge costs to: The cost department that incurs the cost of the item

Default tax: Attach your items tax charges

Average cost: This is an automated calculation and cannot be changed in this screen

Tax: This displays the tax amount from the average cost - it is automated and cannot be changed

Notes: Anything you wish to write about the item


Attach the supplier that you purchase this item from by clicking on the add items button and selecting from the defined list

In this screen you can add a new supplier edit or delete current suppliers


This displays all movements against the stock item.

Sales in SalesPoint / Purchases / transfers etc.

You can open any of the movements to see details by double clicking on the line


Displays a summary of all the purchase orders and supplier bills against that item

You can open any of the movements to see details by double clicking on the line


Link your SalesPoint item you defined in the U7 Resources screen.

This is so the stock levels can be decremented when sales of that item are made in SalesPoint


For accurate inventory levels you can assemble an item from different items to keep your stock levels correct.

You can either assemble:

' On the fly' - You can assemble the ingredients of the cake so when it's sold it reduces the levels of each ingredient defined. (These items need to be defined in your inventory list with their correct untis of measure to assemble a recipe).

 ' From Stock' - You can set the baked cake as the stock item and when it's sold it reduces per slice rather than ingredients

Ordering Rules

You can set re-order rules against the item in here - this is still to be completed (May 5th 2016)

Re-order level: The minimum level of stock you want to have on premises

Re-order Qty - How many do you want to order

Once your stock level reaches the re-order level a purchase order is automatically generated to order the amount you specified in re-order Qty.