This is where you purchase your inventory items into stock. You will then be able to report on stock levels and sell items

Create a new purchase order

Click on the add button to the right of the screen 

  1. Enter the suppler you are purchasing the items from

  2. Enter the location you are ordering the stock for

  3. Add the items by either selecting from a list displayed when you click add  or import from a spreadsheet (this needs to be formatted correctly to be able to import into the table)

    → Add via spreadsheet allows you to enter more than one item in at a time in a tabled screen. Start typing the PLU or stock name in and it wlll give you a list to select from 
    → Manual Item scan allows you to scan the items bar code one at a time to enter them into your purchase order

  4. Add in the units you want to order when prompted
  5. Click OK once all items have been entered

  6. Right click on the purchase order and select 'complete' this changes the triangle from blue (incomplete) to green (complete) and will stop any amendments being made to the purchase order once it has been sent to the supplier 
    → You can control who can change complete purchase orders in the U7 Managers program. it is recommended to not have this feature enabled or only allowing supervisor or higher level permissions to have this function
  7. Print purchase order by selecting the purchase order > right click and select print 
    → If you tick 'Auto print' the purchase order will print when you click OK 

Receiving Items - All items ordered have been delivered

When your stock items arrive you need to acknowledge their delivery and create a supplier invoice (bill to pay)

  1. Find the purchase order from the 'Ordering' tab
  2. Double click and open the purchase order
  3. Check your delivery and count items delivered match the purchase order
  4. Close the purchase order
  5. Accept delivery and create a supplier invoice > Right click on the purchase order and select 'Deliver and Bill'

    This will create a Supplier Invoice (Bill) to pay the supplier that matches the purchase order and the purchase order can no longer be amended 

 Receiving items - Not all items that were ordered have arrived

  1. Find the purchase order from the 'Ordering' tab
  2. Right click on the purchase order and select 'Delivery > Delivery & Bill'
  3. The purchase order will open and you can amend units if they differ from what has been ordered and delivered
  4. Once you have changed the units select OK
  5. A supplier invoice for the units delivered will be generated and the purchase order will change back to incomplete  holding the units that are still to be delivered